What Should I Sell on eBay? Terapeak Tutorial [UPDATED 2017]

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We answer: “What should I sell on eBay?” Our updated Terapeak tutorial for 2017!
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In this updated for 2017 Terapeak tutorial, we’ll answer the question that all eBay sellers ask us: “What should I sell on eBay?” By teaching you how to complete product and competitor research.

Completing product research for eBay is a 3-step process:

Step 1: Use the Hot Research Tool in Terapeak to help us pick a niche to sell in.
Step 2: Use Amazon’s 100 Best Sellers to help us locate products to analyze.
Step 3: Use Terapeak to analyze the competition and demand for a product.

At the end of this process, you’ll have a list of high-demand, but low-competition products to sell on eBay. It is these types of products that we recommend people focus on when they ask us the question - “What should I sell on eBay?”

Step 1: Use the Terapeak Hot Research Tool to identify a profitable niche

Start by signing into your Terapeak account. You will need to have a subscription to do this. The 7-day trial will give you access to it.

This is a list of niches that are currently selling the best and have the highest demand on eBay right now. Scroll through the list and look at niches that have at least a 33% success rate, and pick a niche. Look for one that will be easy to source items for. For example, in this Terapeak tutorial, Sarah points out that it’s difficult to source items in the currency/coin niche, but finding and sourcing men’s athletic shoes is easy, which makes it a good niche to focus on.

Step 2: Use the Amazon 100 Best Selling List to source items to analyze

When people ask us “what should I sell on eBay?” They are usually struggling because they can’t come up with a list of unique items to sell. This is because coming up with a list of products is difficult, and so they will usually think of generic items (such as t-shirts) that do not sell well because the competition is saturated. When it comes to selling on eBay, you want to be focusing on specific high-selling items, and a good strategy is to piggyback off of the Amazon 100 Best Selling Items for the category/niche you selected in step 1.

Go to Amazon, and open up the 100 best selling items for the niche you selected in step 1. We will then use this list in step 3.

Step 3: Use Terapeak’s Product Research tool to analyze the competition and demand

When people ask the question - “What should I sell on eBay?” Our answer is always the same: Sell items that have high demand, but low seller competition. This means your items will sell fast and you’ll have excellent cash-flow!

Take each item you found in step 2 and then put it into the Terapeak Product Research tool. Use the original Terapeak Product Research tool - not their updated 2.0 version. When you do that, look and see if the item meets the following criteria:

* It has an average selling price that is high enough that we’ll be able to make a substantial profit per sale after eBay fees.
* It has a sell-through rate higher than 33% as this indicates that we’ll be able to flip it within 3 weeks.

Next, filter the results by bid auctions only, and check to see if it has a bid-auction ratio of at least 2:1.

These are exactly the types of items we recommend people focus on sourcing when they wonder: “What should I sell on eBay?” Products that meet the following criteria:

* High enough price to profit from after eBay fees.
* Have a sell-through rate higher than 33%
* Have a bid-auction ratio that is at least 2:1

Are easy to sell, high-demand but low-competition products/items! Look for these items when completing your eBay product research.

***Tips for sourcing the products you find using this Terapeak 2017 tutorial***

Now that we’ve answered the question of “what should I sell on eBay?” And shown you how to complete eBay product research, you need to actually source those items!

Here are some eBay item sourcing strategies:

* Craiglist: You can find both second-hand items and brand new items to sell on here. Don’t be afraid to offer a lower price and negotiate.
* Thrift stores/garage sales: This is a good source of second-hand products but it is harder to find brand new items using this sourcing strategy.
* Alibaba: If you locate an item that has potential for wholesale, then use Alibaba to source cheap wholesalers for the product.

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